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Consulting and planning

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In our laboratory we have all the tools that allow us to perform any type of manufacturing.

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We take care of putting together the various parts of your project and delivering the final paper or assembling it directly at your business.

assemblaggio polistirolo


We specialize in finishing, we also carry out hand coloring to enhance every detail.


The technology available in our laboratory and our experience in the use of materials allows the realization of your dreams!

Insegne in Polistirolo Ima sfx firenze

Polystyrene Foam is a particular material which can be used to realize different geometric forms, sculptures, pieces of furniture and design, such as boats, walls, sets, dividing walls, letters and 3D banners. We are able to cut, mill and line polystyrene foam. It is possible to line polystyrene foam with an acrylic layer, if the objects need to stand outdoors. The presence of this layer increases resistance in the handmade article, so that it can resist bumps and exposure to adversative weather conditions. Ultimately, at the end of this treatment, it is possible to put some other finishing touches, such as shining colors, glitters, fake rust, old-looking stone, mosaic etc…

Scanner 3D ima sfx Firenze

In our workshop it is possible to produce three-dimensional images by laser scanning: low relieves, sculptures and any other kind of objects, for instance. The images can be subsequently elaborated for all needs, such as enlargements, modifications, and restoration. It is possible to move from scanning to carving in a short time because of the use of a Cnc Pantograph.

Rotazionale ima sfx

Rotomoulding is used to produce a variety of hollow objects, from small to medium ones, such as shop window dummies, ornaments, vases, architectural elements, sculptures and commercial displays. Such creations are produced with a mixture of different polyurethanes to provide resistance and refined details.

Stampi Ima sfx

We are able to produce simple and complex moulds by using different materials, like rigid resin or silicone. Therefore, our moulds can be used in multiple situations and for different needs related to reproduction, design and art. We are able to create moulds in big dimensions and with new technologies.

scenotecnica ima sfx

Besides creating sets with classic materials, our machines can work both wood and metal, and they can produce mechanical elements.

lavorazioni speciali ima sfx

We are proud to offer a considerable technical and planning support on a variety of different projects. A lot of artists chose our expertise to realize new creations and to investigate new creative possibilities.

Field of action

Our versatility allows us to satisfy every need!

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Escape rooms

Design, special effects, interactive content …

polystyrene signs ima sfx thumbnail

Shop window and 3D signs

Styrofoam signs, window displays, mockups…

scenography ima sfx thumbnail


environmental design for fair trades, events, cinema and theater…


Exhibitions and museums

Environmental design for Exhibitions and museums, replicas…

arte e sculture

Art and sculpture

3D enlargements, scale reproductions, contemporary art…


Theme parks and playground

Attractions, edutainment, settings…


Design and furniture

interior design and furniture design…

Effetti speciali

Special fx and props

Make up, props on stage, animatronics…


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The experience in the various sectors allows us to understand and help our customers to bring their ideas to life and to realize their creative vision.

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