Theme parks and playground

Attractions, edutainment, settings…

I.M.A. Sfx Studios, deals with designing and realizing entire scenic attractions for theme parks and themed environments also with the use of mechanical characters and interactions with effects and video mapping.

It is possible to design and create courses or recreational and educational areas for any need and audience.

Our experience in large theme parks and multidisciplinary expertise allows us to focus, together with our customers, on the best approach to create new and engaging creations that have always met with great public satisfaction.

From the preview through artistic and technical drawings, we are also able to make scale models to present the project in every aspect.

Theme parks

  • Horror house

  • Interactive educational paths

  • Animatronic characters and animals


  • Scenographies and coverings also for pre-existing games and structures

  • Themed seats and furnishings

  • Mascots and puppets

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The experience in the various sectors allows us to understand and help our customers to bring their ideas to life and to realize their creative vision.