Special Fx and props

Make up, props on stage, animatronics…

I.M.A. Sfx Studios is able to create special cinematographic makeup effects and props for theaters, cinema, television and events.

Make up

  • Silicone or foam latex prosthesis

  • Ageing

  • Wounds

  • Transformations

  • Horror or fantasy masks

Stage needs

  • Mannequins and silicone bodies

  • Parts of the body

  • Animatronic characters

  • Animatronic animals


  • Fake weapons

  • Reproductions of objects or products of any type and size

  • Light objects to break

  • Masks

  • Armors and helmets

  • Mascots and special costumes in fabric, foam and foam rubber

  • Any replica for special needs…

Effects for special sets

  • Mud

  • Sand

  • Ice

  • Snow

  • Lava

  • Water and rain

Special fx


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The experience in the various sectors allows us to understand and help our customers to bring their ideas to life and to realize their creative vision.