Shop windows and 3D signs

Styrofoam signs, window displays, mockups…

It is possible to create three-dimensional furnishings and elements, reproductions and enlargements of objects or product mockups.

We create mascots and puppets in foam rubber, special costumes for any need in which it is necessary to interact with the public for an event or for the needs of advertising spots.


In polystyrene or other materials for:

  • shopping mall

  • shops

  • boutiques

  • display window/visual merchandising

  • Fair trade stands

3D signs and logos/mascots

In expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene of all types and sizes for both indoor and outdoor environments, according to the finish desired by the customer:

  • handcrafted signs in wood, metal and plastic materials

  • signs with led light effects, optical fibers, which react to UV lights

  • signs with chrome fx

  • signs with material effects

  • Mascots and puppets in foam rubber

  • Special costumes

Signs, lettering and mock-ups

Shop windows and visual merchandising

For quotes and information

The experience in the various sectors allows us to understand and help our customers to bring their ideas to life and to realize their creative vision.