Exhibitions and museums

Design for Exhibitions and museums, replicas…

I.M.A. Sfx Studios designs and manufactures scenographic installations for exhibitions and museums.

We can create or replicate objects of any length and with any size and finish.

Scenographic installations

  • Thematic and / or interactive arrangements

  • Plastics

  • 3D walls

  • caves and synthetic rocks

  • reception stand

  • 3D sign

Objects and replicas

  • Plastic models and dioramas within which we can create fauna and flora.

  • Hyperrealistic characters and historical reconstructions, also animatronic.

  • Reconstruction of prehistoric animals

  • Architectural and educational scale models, as well as anatomical models with particular pathologies

  • Objects with interactive control or movement systems

  • Scenic portals and reception entrances

For quotes and information

The experience in the various sectors allows us to understand and help our customers to bring their ideas to life and to realize their creative vision.