Design and furniture

Interior design and furniture design…

I.M.A. designs and manufactures custom made design, furniture or decorative elements for any setting need with various types of materials such as polystyrene, resins and all other materials.

The next time you want a Batcave for your car, a fairytale environment for your children … Mohai statues for your swimming pool or a Hollywood home theater … don’t forget to contact us!

Custom furniture elements

Once carved and worked, polystyrene can be hardened with rigid or semi-rigid resins which then allow finishing with colors and special surface effects.

  • 3D elements

  • Enlargements of objects

  • Mockup of products for houses, shops and shop windows


The resins applied on surfaces or in special molds allow you to create objects of all kinds and to simulate any natural or synthetic material.

  • Scenographic chairs and tables in wood and resin

  • Walls for wellness spaces with mosaics

  • Fake rocks or caves with surprising three-dimensional effects

Scanning and 3D digital modeling

thanks to the use of 3D scanning and digital modeling or in situ casts it is possible to recreate ornamental and architectural forms of building facades, reproducing the finishing of the original materials by making available the skills of our artists and qualified restorers.

  • Desks and reception counters

  • 3D tables

  • Lamps and floor lamps

  • 3d walls

  • Fake wooden beams

  • Scenic waterfalls and pools

  • Ornamental elements and material surfaces

  • Caves and environments for wellness centers

For quotes and information

The experience in the various sectors allows us to understand and help our customers to bring their ideas to life and to realize their creative vision.